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Eupolis Lombardia

Eupolis Lombardia

dal 1 gennaio 2011

IReR confluisce nel nuovo


 Questo sito resta disponibile come archivio di IReR, ma non viene aggiornato

Per gli aggiornamenti da 1 gennaio 2011

vai al sito di

Eupolis Lombardia

Logo Regione

Consiglio regionale

from IReR to Éupolis Lombardia

from IReR to Éupolis Lombardia

The institute for research, statistics and training of the Lombardy Region

Éupolis Lombardia is the institute for research, statistics and training of the Lombardy Region.

It was established in January 2011 through the merger of three bodies:

  • the Lombardy Regional Institute for Research (IReR),
  • the Lombardy Regional Institute for Training (IReF),
  • the Lombardy Region Statistics Unit.

For more information and updating, please refer to the new website of Eupolis Lombardia:

The site remains online as IReR archive, but is no longer updated.

Lombardy: a model of Government

Lombardy: a model of Government

Video interviews

"What do you think about Lombardy Region?"

Several international experts speak with IReR on this subject

Watch the video summary

Video-Opinions from:

Babak Armajani, Public Strategies Group, USA

Phillip Blond, Res Publica, UK

Adalbert Evers, Giessen University, Germany

Charles Glenn, University of Boston, USA

Helen Haugh, Cambridge University, UK

Andrew Haldenby, Reform, UK

Michael Kitson, Cambridge University, UK

Ludger Kühnhardt, Bonn University, Germany

Charles Leadbeater, Demos, UK

David Osborne, Public Strategies Group, USA

Lester Salamon, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Eugene Steuerle, Urban Institute, USA

Margery Turner, The Urban Institute, USA

Gerard Van Bortel, Delft University if Technology, The Netherlands

Policy analysis course 2010

Policy analysis course 2010

Internal Staff Training - May-July 2010

The course focuses on policy research/analysis as a specific profession, with its own peculiar features and skills. It has been specifically designed for practitioners working in research institutes, dealing with policy makers: junior/senior researchers from IReR, but also from other Italian regional research institutes in Italy (Piemonte, Puglia, Umbria, Toscana). The objective is to provide a basic (although structured) knowledge of: nature and characteristics of policy research as a specific profession; basic professional competences and skills; methods; and also to develop common minimum quality standards and general frameworks for products. See the Documents section for details.

The course started on May 3rd with the public opening conference Policy Research: Issues for the Operators